New Covenant School

Teacher Agreement


We agree to uphold the laws of the State of Florida and the requirements of New Covenant School, namely:


  1. To teach the required 180 days per year.

  2. To teach the required number of hours pertaining to grade level.

  3. To teach minimum subject areas of math, history, science, and English.

  4. To keep the daily attendance and grades of each student in our classes.

  5. To submit a monthly written report of daily attendance and average monthly grades to the school administration.

  6. To fulfill any other requirement of the State of Florida as relating to the Private School Act.

  7. To meet with school officials whenever they feel it is necessary.

  8. To receive an annual educational evaluation as directed by the school.

  9. To attend a once-a-month I&E meeting, or pay a $25 fine per missed meeting.

  10. Read the School Handbook on the website.

  11. Turn in sample work when requested by the Principal.

  12. Participate in required school-wide activities or pay a non-attendance fee.

  13. Pay registration and monthly tuition as outlined on the Financial Facts and Policies paper.

  14. Keep a valid e-mail address checked at least once per week and notify the office promptly of changes.


We understand that failure to comply with these regulations is cause for expulsion from New Covenant School.


We release New Covenant School and any venue owners from any and all responsibility and absolve them from any claim of loss, damage, or injury of any nature to person or property resulting from the school program. We also agree that the school shall not be liable for any loss or intentional neglect or careless acts of any school personnel.