The Spring Play



Auditions will be held at the school office on Thursday night, November 12, at 6:30.

It may take up to 24 hours to post the cast list.

All interested students will have a part as an actor or techie if I know by Monday, November 9 that they are participating.

Once you have auditioned, we ask that you please consult the instructor prior to making any changes to your appearance including (but not limited to): hair length/color/style, piercings, or any kind of change that may be seen on stage as this may change costuming requirements or mean that you are no longer suited to the role in which you have been cast.


Begins Thursday, November 12, 2015 - Ends with two performances, tentatively scheduled for March 3 & 4 , 2016.

Rehearsals will take place on Thursday nights from November to mid - March and an additional rehearsal each week on Saturday mornings from late January to mid - March.

Parents should expect lengthy rehearsals during the week before and the week of tech week. Tech week is not for actors to memorize lines; tech weeks is for the tech crew to develop proficiency.

A specific list of dates and times will be available in the school office in early November.


Nov - Dec School Facility
Jan - March Varies between NCS, storage units, and performance venue
March 12th School Facility



There is a cost for participation as this play is more elaborate with sets, costumes, props, etc. . The cost is $15 registration fee plus $50 per child plus an additional cost per actor for makeup. We will give a makeup list to each actor so they can get the makeup appropriate for their particular character.

The cost will be due by January 1st or you can also make arrangements with the accounting ladies. The cost is less than is posted in the school's site class brochure. Times and details are in the Site Class brochure on the school's website.

Dress Code

Students should wear clothing that allows them to move freely and to get messy (for some modules). NO shorts. NO sleeveless shirts. NO flipflops. Also, boys must wear long pants to all rehearsals; girls must wear long pants or long skirts at all rehearsals.

We often produce period plays which requires longer skirts and pants during rehearsals so that the student is able to easily adjust to the costume they are later given.  We require our technical students to wear long pants in order to avoid backstage injuries such as cuts and scrapes and to cover as much skin as possible so they may be hidden from view.

All shirts must be long enough to cover the tops of pants/skirts when the student’s arms are fully extended above the head as dictated by the school dress code.


Students must be willing to spend time outside of class throughout December and early January memorizing their scripts with the expectation that the script will be memorized no later than January 15th. Class time is not the time to memorize the script.

Memorization is done at home. Class time is for working on blocking, movement, acting, etc. Students will be expected to memorize not only their own lines, but most lines in any scene in which they perform.

Students may also be asked to do some homework, namely research, in addition to memorizing lines in preparation for their role or position.

Who Can Participate?

This play is open to NCS students, and non-NCS students, who are in grades 5-12, as well as to adults. In particular, we really want to develop a well-functioning stage crew and tech crew.


If you would like to participate, contact the school office by phone or email.  More details on registration will be added to this page shortly.  In the mean time, it is highly recommended that you contact the school office directly to register.


You can find out more about the spring play as a class

by downloading the Site Class Course Descriptions 2015-2016 PDF.