Links to Virtual Field Trips

Send us any sites you think are good, and let us know if any of our links no longer work, please.



Here is a link to Colonial Williamsburg:


The White House: 


Estuary: From North Carolina:

EstuaryLIVE -- 2004 and Beyond

Several Virtual Tours of the Louvre Museum in Paris.  These are in French, so just enjoy the view.  Trying to find English ones.
Several live webcams at this site allow you to see and hear African wildlife.  Remember the time difference!  It may be night there.  They pay for their site with commercials now, so be cautious.  So far, I've only seen tv ads, but you never know.  Remember that animals go to waterholes at certain times of day mainly, so you will see more wildlife at morning, evening, and mid-day.
This is a great site for all sorts of live webcams.  As always, when clicking on a live webcam for the first time, be careful.  These are very cool.  The link goes specifically to Katmai River in Alaska and is called the Bear and Salmon Cam.   There are many jumpsite links there though.

This is a site for your study of dinosaurs.  Do be aware it has an evolutionary viewpoint.  Wonderful animation.  Well done.