Planning for College

As you are looking for the college to call yours, consider online colleges. The link above will help you. There are many advantages and some disadvantages.  One of the chief things to consider is whether those online colleges are accredited or not.  Accreditation is a very important thing for online colleges in order for you, their customer, to ascertain whether the college's degree will be accepted by employers and, more importantly, by other colleges where you might be wanting to earn an advanced degree, such as a Master's Degree or a doctorate (PhD).
In this way, the importance of knowing in which direction your future may go cannot be stressed enough.  If there is even the vaguest of possibilities that you will want an advanced degree, accreditation of the college or university as well as the major in which you are interested is important.  Some colleges are accredited, though a particular major within the college may not be accredited by the national body regulating that major's acceptance.  Be careful and plan for the distant future as well as the one near-at-hand.

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