Math Facts Contests

In order to encourage our students to master two of the major fundamental elements of mathematics education, New Covenant School has two math competitions annually. Parents have found it to be a highly motivated method.

The Math Facts Contests are in the areas of Addition and Multiplication.  They are open to grades 2-12.  Students can take the math facts contests any time the school office is open for business, but can take each test only once each visit.  Students who get a 95% on either or both of the Contests will receive pins at the Awards Night.  These contests are done on paper. Addition Facts must be 0’s to 9’s, 100 facts in a 4 minutes of time. Multiplication Facts must be 1’s to 12’s, 169 facts in 5 minutes of time.

Once a student has won a contest, he or she cannot try to improve the score. Awards will be given at the annual Awards Night. (Check the school calendar.)

The math facts contest are as follows:

Addition Facts:

One hundred of the 121 addition facts from 0-10 are on the exam. Students will have 4 minutes to complete the exam. The student must get 95% correct in order to win the award.

Multiplication Facts

The 169 multiplication facts from 0-12 are included. The exam lasts 5 minutes. The student must get 95% correct in order to win the award.

How to Practice the Math Facts Contests:
 Math is Fun Website