Art History & Appreciation Contest

Students learn a set list of artistic works including paintings, sketches, drawings, sculpture, architecture, etc. The students will be expected to know the name of the piece and the artist of the piece.

During the contest, the students will be shown slides of the various pieces and be asked to select a multiple choice answer for that piece from their test booklet. Questions may also include identifying pieces probably done by one of the artists on the list by knowing the look of various artists’ works.

Winners receive a medallion at Awards Night.

You can find the Art Contest entry form on our Forms page or by clicking on the applicable button at the bottom of this page.


A set of premade flashcards for the current year’s pieces can be bought from the school office. Please request via email so we can have your set ready when you come.

Or, you can download the flashcards as a PDF or a folder of pictures to use on your computer for free by clicking on the corresponding image below and use it to use or print and make your own.

Blue gradient art flashcards button  Blue gradient art history and appreciation photo folder    Blue gradient art contests entry form button