The Technical Diploma

New Covenant School offers several diploma types. When considering high school degrees, please read the description of each type and decide with your student which degree is most appropriate for the student’s needs and plans. NCS does not publish which type diploma a student receives.

The Technical Diploma is the diploma some of our students will receive.

The Technical Diploma is not a diploma that will allow immediate college, university, or community college entry. The student may need to continue studying past highs school graduation in one or more subject areas in order to meet the entry requirements of these type institutions. This is especially true in mathematics.

The Technical Diploma is a diploma designed to fulfill the needs of students going directly into career fields. In areas where the student can complete standard diploma coursework, the student will be encouraged to take the most difficult coursework within his or her individual range. However, it is also acknowledged that, as the student’s focus is on the acquisition of skills in a particular career field, the student may need to focus more energy on those skills than on standard diploma requirements. For example, the Technical Diploma has Algebra I as a capstone course in mathematics, not as a beginning course in mathematics. English requirements will include reading in non-fiction books and periodicals of the determined career field with writing concentrated in business, advertising, and marketing arenas.

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