The Standard Diploma

New Covenant School offers several diploma types. When considering high school degrees, please read the description of each type and decide with your student which degree is most appropriate for the student’s needs and plans. NCS does not publish which type diploma a student receives. All students receiving diplomas are able to “walk the aisle” for graduation.

The Standard Diploma is the diploma most students will receive.

i. The Standard Diploma most closely matches the graduation requirements laid forth by the State of Florida for public school students. There are some differences that require more from NCS students.

ii. Students wishing to enter NCS after their 9th grade year should complete a Four-Year Worksheet to determine what classes must still be done to complete their graduation credits.

iii. The Standard Diploma requires 24 credits to graduate. However, many students earn 28 -32 credits in order to create the foundation they wish to have for college or career entry. The 24 credits are divided into subject groups.

See the Standard Diploma Subject Descriptions & Credits.

iv. The Standard Diploma requires that 4 of the 8 electives be taken in a single area of concentration. These electives are referred to as Major Electives. These electives do not necessarily determine what your college major would be, unless that is your choice. Major electives are designed to give the student the experience of acquiring depth in a single field of knowledge, often helping the student determine whether they really have an interest in a specific field. For students going directly into a career field, Major Electives will allow the student to acquire knowledge and experience in their chosen field. Both the student and the parents must sign a Major Electives Declaration Form. See the Majors Brochures Rack next to the school office door for brochures of each of the majors offered through NCS.

v. The Four-Year Worksheet can be replanned when life and interests change. It is not set in concrete.

vi. Honors: The NCS Standard Diploma can be earned with Honors Designations. For information on Honors Classes and Honors Diploma Requirements, click Honors.