The Special Diploma

New Covenant School offers several diploma types. When considering high school degrees, please read the description of each type and decide with your student which degree is most appropriate for the student’s needs and plans. NCS does not publish which type diploma a student receives.

The Special Diploma is the diploma a few of our students will receive.

The Special Diploma is designed for students who have been determined by professional psychological testing and/or IEPs to be unable to meet the requirements for a Standard Diploma. This inability may be the result of mental handicap, medical disability, or other determined causes.

The Special Diploma will not be accepted for college, university, or community colleges for entry.

Courses for the Special Diploma will include basic math skills, basic English skills, personal health, job acquisition skills, basic history and geography, basic sciences, career skills, and skills to keep a job. Students will also study their rights to services in the community. The program will be tailored to the individual student’s abilities and interests. In areas where the student can complete standard coursework, the student will be encouraged to take the most difficult coursework within his or her individual range.

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