Purpose Statement

New Covenant School Incorporated is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 corporation in the State of Florida. NCS recognizes that parents are responsible for their children's education and that our sovereign God calls different families to different educational paths.  God calls some to homeschool for a semester and some to homeschool for a lifetime.  Our intention is to aid parents in finding their pathways and to encourage them therein while establishing and maintaining a Biblical standard of behavior and education as established by the Board of Directors of New Covenant School Incorporated of Melbourne, Florida. The infallibility of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible establishes the standard of behavior and education. 
NCS accepts students from many parts of the state of Florida as well as from across the nation.  We are open to students in other countries as well and have worked with students in that capacity. Non-local families will need to have good internet electronics and will need to be willing to conduct regular phone conversations with the staff and visit with any NCS staff or representatives who may live in your locale or may be visiting your area.  If you are interested in working with NCS in this capacity, please contact us via email regarding your own situation.


NCS Goals

 Short-term Goals

1)  To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through the promotion of quality education of the mind, the body and the spirit for our students and parents.

2)  To provide encouragement for our parents, guardians, and grandparents in the difficult but rewarding task of the home education of their students.

3)  To provide information for our parents enabling them to be able to home educate their children in such a way that each child develops according to the abilities and talents God has placed within him or her.

4)  To assist parents by providing a smooth transition to the next phase of the student's life, whether that be college, career, military, or another school --- either public or private.

5)  To develop our resources that aid our parents in their tasks as educators, parents, spouses, Christians, and citizens of the United States.

6)  To provide activities in many areas of academics and socialization for our students

7)  To continue the training and education of our staff, that we remain current with the best educational practices as they mesh with the school's philosophy and foundation as well as remain current with the state and federal laws concerning private schools, families, post-secondary education, and businesses.

 Long-term Goals

1)  To bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ by the stewardship of all that He has placed in our hands and to help our parents and students do the same while upholding a Biblical standard of behavior as established by the Board of Directors of New Covenant School Incorporated of Melbourne, Florida.

2)  To assist in the education of second, third, and fourth generation homeschoolers.

3)  To be better citizens of our communities.

4)  To become a resource for our community.

6)  To serve as a prototype for the establishment of other such schools throughout our community, state, nation, and world.  To be forerunners in education for the glory of Christ and the benefit of His people and His purposes.